3, 2, 1…LAUNCH! We are so excited to launch our Kickstarter and unleash the plans for our summer show, EMPIRE TRAVEL AGENCY. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this epic adventure throughout NYC. Watch our promo video below and head over to Kickstarter to donate today: http://kck.st/1dD96xO

It’s been an exciting year for Woodshed Collective! We have brought on four new collective members and more leadership to build our institution: Jeremiah Matthew Davis, Mikhael Tara Garver, Katie Fleming, and Will Pickens. Roni Ferretti (External Affairs Associate), Jason Platt (Business Manager), and Nathalie Molina Niño (Business Advisor) have joined our administration as we grow at an exciting speed.

We’ve been busy with residencies this winter, spring and summer at The Vineyard Arts Project, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Space at Ryder Farm, and Primary Stages.

TCG recently mentioned Woodshed Collective and The Tenant in their April 2013 article Immersive Theatre and the Freedom of Choice.

More news to come later this summer and this fall involving our projects DB, The Office Project, Fornicated, The Shed, Woodshed U, and The New Ensemble. Please Go HERE so we make sure we have your email to give you friendly and fun updates.