immersive theatre

WOODSHED COLLECTIVE is one of the country’s premier immersive theater companies. Since 2006 the company has presented large scale theatrical events including: Twelve Ophelias performed in McCarren Park Pool in Williamsburg, The Confidence Man adapted from Melville's novel and performed on a decommissioned steamship in the Hudson River, and The Tenant adapted from the novel and film and performed in a five storey 19th Century Parish House on the Upper West Side.

Most recently, the company presented the critically acclaimed Empire Travel Agency, a grail quest criss-crossing Lower Manhattan, where groups of four audience members at a time hunted for the secret to the vibrancy of New York. Driven by the belief in the combined power of stories and architecture to break down the barriers of everyday life, Woodshed's shows aim to create genuine awe. 

Woodshed's artists have worked on almost every large scale immersive event in New York including AMC network's immersive up-fronts, Sleep No More, and Queen of the Night.