WILLIAM IRONS is a theater-maker and musician based in Brooklyn.

He is a proud member of Wooshed Collective and spent the last several years working all over the city’s many theaters in a variety of capacities—actor, writer, production manager, composer, sound designer, carpenter, and teacher.

For most of 2013 and 2014 he served alongside Gabriel Evansohn, as the Associate Production Manager on ""Queen of the Night"" overseeing the scenic/creative install simultaneous to the build of the Diamond Horseshoe. He went on to work with Nathan Koch and David Korins overseeing the design, build and installation of Florian Cafe on Park Avenue South.

Since then William has worked as a creative production consultant, primarily with Superfly Presents, on a number of experiences & music festivals including the HALO Awards, Project Pabst, Bonnaroo and Outside Lands overseeing the design, fabrication and installation of custom scenic elements, from a 25' Unicorn named Pepper to an 100' radio tower topped with a disco ball named Lucille. 

He hails from Oakland, CA in and in his spare time writes, records and plays with his musical projects, best.urban.contemporary.artist & Clarence.