Gabriel Hainer Evansohn is a Production Designer and Production Manager specializing in creating immersive physical landscapes. He is a founder of Woodshed Collective, where he is currently the Director of Production and Resident Production Designer.  For Woodshed, he has designed and Production Managed Empire Travel Agency, The Tenant, The Confidence Man, 12 Ophelias, among others. Previously, he worked as a Production Manager for Variety Worldwide leading the build and installing their show, The Queen of the Night, at the Diamond Horseshoe in the Paramount Hotel in NYC. His past work includes designing events, performance and scenery for corporate clients such as AMC and Bloomberg L.P., installations and performance at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston (Experiment America 2012), and at various theaters and Schools through NYC, including the PHTS, Barnard College, and Atlantic Theater Company and Acting School where he worked for 5 years as a Production Manager and Scenic and Lighting Designer. He is an experienced carpenter, electrician and special effects technician, and has been a Designer, Production Manager and a Technical Director at various venues throughout NY. Most recently, he was the Production Designer for Woodshed’s Empire Travel Agency, a festival of immersive experiences installed in the landscape of New York, from subways to livery cabs to apartments, designed to give you a vacation of the mind and an escape from the everyday. He is a graduate of Vassar College.