In Development: Does It Hurt When I Do This?


Does It Hurt When I Do This?

We want to give audiences a chance to play doctor, literally. 

"Does It Hurt When I Do This?" is a new immersive theater piece based on the professional use of standardized patients. Standardized patients are people, often times actors, who are employed at medical schools to impersonate patients suffering from a variety of ailments. These "mock patients" perform their illness for medical students, so the future doctors can test their diagnostic acumen and their bed side manner.

This practice, a wide-spread real world use of performance, is the jumping off point for Woodshed's new piece, which we will present in a FIRST LOOK showing this November.  Audience members will sign up for appointments to play doctor, literally. Armed with a headset feeding them medical information and instructions, they will have the opportunity to interact with actors performing the role of patient, diagnose their illness and empathize with their conditions.

We'll present a FIRST LOOK showing of  "Does It Hurt When I Do This?" in November, 2016.

DOES IT HURT WHEN I DO THIS? is made possible through the generous support of: