Heartbreakingly Beautiful

So it’s a bunch of crazy stories about cons and suckers? Yes, but the play is really about humanity’s essential and irrepressible need to believe in things. It’s about heartbreakingly beautiful ideas like the blindness of love, religious faith without question, and the need to give the common man the benefit of the doubt. On the cynical side, it’s all ripe fodder for cons and the audience gets to be in on the joke. So you can laugh when your docent tells you how she personally rescued all the furniture in the room from the Titanic. You can root for characters falling in love, even though you know one of them is lying. And you can gleefully climb up and down rickety ladders on the ship because you want to see what happens next, even though you know it’s not real. Because at the end of the day, in theatre and in life, we come together in our need to believe.