"Woodshed Collective has, with great imagination and wonderful detail, transformed the old five-story West-Park Presbyterian Church into a ramshackle Parisian apartment building (and its environs) circa the nineteen-sixties... The only downside is that, because the scenes are taking place all over the church at the same time, you can’t see everything." – THE NEW YORKER

“A great theatrical tapestry of vintage grit.... (Woodshed’s) The Tenant is a triumph.” – THE VILLAGE VOICE

    “Hypnotic.”  – THE NEW YORK TIMES

“One feels less like a spectator and more like an inhabitant.” – THE L MAGAZINE

“Can’t be beat…as good as this genre gets” – LIGHTING AND SOUND AMERICA

Set in Paris and inspired by the novella that was famously adapted into a film by Roman Polanski, The Tenant was a thrilling, haunting and grotesquely hilarious investigation into the relationship between who we are and where we live. When Monsieur Trelkovsky rents a room recently vacated by a woman who fell from her window, he soon finds his world changing in bizarre ways. Haunted by images of the previous tenant’s apparent suicide and terrorized by his new neighbors, Trelkovsky begins a slow descent into paranoia and delirium. The Tenant explores the bubbling conflict between an uncanny mix of colorful characters to create a symphonic piece of powerful theater. Building off this original, commissioned script and layering in the power of film, architecture, video, and light, the show is a shifting, mirrored landscape designed to delight and unnerve while drawing our attention to those aspects of ourselves we hide just below the surface.

Conceived and Designed by Woodshed Collective

Inspired by Roland Topor’s Novel and Roman Polanski’s film

Text by Bekah Brunstetter, Sarah Burgess, Paul Cohen, Dylan Dawson, Steven Levenson and Tommy Smith

Direction by Teddy Bergman and Stephen Brackett

Production Design by Gabriel Hainer Evansohn

Lighting Design by Carl Faber

Sound Design by Brandon Wolcott

Costume Design by Jessica Pabst

Video Design by Kate Freer, Alex Koch, and David Tennent

Original Music by David Van Tieghem and Duncan Sheik

Produced by Stephen Squibb

Performed by Rob Askins, Juliette Cohen, Dan Cozzens, Michael Crane, Aaron Dias, Evan Enderle, Erin Felgar, Mary Jane Gibson, Stephen Graybill, Judith Greentree, Vanina Kondova, Jocelyn Kuritsky, Maren Langdon, Roger Lirtsman, Malcom Madera, Maria McConville, Melissa Miller, Michael Piazza, Lynne Rosenberg, Caitlin McDonough Thayer, Ian Unterman, Molly Ward and Travis York